Video Project for Digital/Hybrid Music Lab

Here is a screenshot to show my competency in piano roll scorring in Garageband.screen-capture-1

Any existing music or sound used in this video is used legally in accordance with copyright, fair use or other appropriate licensing mechanisms. Because the song itself is defined as an African Spiritual, it is not owned by anyone or any company. The purpose of this video is to educate children by explaining step by step how to sing this song, which would also make it okay to use if it were owned by a particular person or company.

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A Better Class

This isn’t so much something the teacher necessarily has control over, but one can affect enthusiasm.  I feel like while someone is presenting, no one seems to have interest in whoever is presenting, which can be a real mood killer for the presenter. Perhaps some pedagogical encouragement’s toward the audience… I always try and give an enthusiastic closing to a speaker or a presentation.

Another thing that may be need improvement is, occasionally, when a student asks a question, it is often answered with, “Google it.” Now, I get that the idea of the class is to learn how to use technology in music education, but then why have a teacher at all if that’s going to be the answer for a majority of the answers. I feel like the instructor of a class like this should be a lot more able or willing to answer some questions about the course material, such as technological questions. While it was somewhat rare that someone ask a pedagogical question, those sort of questions were answered more efficiently.

Make It Fit

1. Describe your ideal teaching situation. Your dream job.

I wish to be the director of a high school orchestra, ideally with a well funded program (maybe I’ll make tha happen). I want to emulate the good teaching that I saw through my beloved teahers, and learn from, and use their teachings in my pedagogy.

2. Take the existing project that we are working on and make it fit into that job.

The project would be a bit different. The students would have to create a mixed media project with specifically two to three different art forms put together. The students must use recordings of past performances of the orchestra and put that music into the project.


Day 1: (Mon) Introduce project. Plan on meeting in the computer lab every Tuesday and Thursday to work on mixed media project, and layout the syllabus and guidelines for the project.

Day 2: (Tues) Provide students with audio files of school orchestral performances in the lab. They have all of the resources they need with the school computers, theoretically.

[3 weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday]

Day 8: (Fri) Present the final projects.



“An analog recording corresponds the variations in air pressure of the original sound. A digital recording is a series of numbers that correspond to the sound’s continuous variations, but the numbers have to be reconverted to analog signals before they can be listened to. No wonder analog and digital sound so different from each other.” (Steve Guttenberg,

What does it mean in the context of your project? 

In context of our project, this process of digital to analog conversion, vise-versa, was used to record samples of rainsticks to put in our mixed media project.

What does it mean in the context of the world of microphones?

Microphones allow us to record analog sounds such as vocals and sound samples, and turn them into digital sounds.

What does it mean for the world of recording technology?

The amount fo information that can be recorded and used in music is infinite.

What does it mean the context of music education?

Being able to create music with any true analog recording because of microphones broadens the possibilitys of new ideas and uses of sound in music.


Launch Pads and Frustrations

I think that one main issue was how to use the launchpads appropriately. Kailah and I were often stuck on what to use the launchpads for, which ones, and how many. It was challenging to find a creative way to use the launchpad that was even worth it, and not just used as a live input for a recorded sample. I’m very familiar with digital launchpads, but to use physical pads changes the art from pre-written to almost, what I’d consider, improvisation. I feel that for this project, there was no need to try and fit this form of technology in there “just because.” I think it being the main area of focus may have given us more direction in what to do with them, and how, otherwise it felt unnecessary.

Research for Mixed Media Project

I’ve only used the micropone on my computer; never an external mic. This was extremely helpful because it literally just showed me how to do it. And, it was simple enough so it’s easy to remember. I’ve never been one to physically plug things in, for DAW’s have many setting that can mimic external MIDI’s. Recording the rainstick may be a small part of the project, but it still something important that needed to be learnt.